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Consultant to make cheap Canadian visa in Hai Phong

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Consultant to make cheap Canadian visa in Hai Phong will help you understand more about the Canadian visa application process.

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As one of the leading developed countries in the world, this state's system of management and inspection of people who want to come to Canada is also very strict to minimize those who want to come to Canada for the purpose of illegal immigration or undocumented labor, especially in recent years. For Vietnamese, Canadian Visa is considered one of the difficult visas, only after the UK and US visas ... Every year, many people want to apply for a Canadian visa, but because they do not know the requirements of the consulate and lack professional advice. as well as the necessary preparation should have been denied a Canadian visa.

In order to be able to apply for a Canadian tourist visa, you need to bring ID with you to request a notarized photocopy.

Bring two 4 * 6 passport photos that were taken on a white background that should not be blurred and must be clear.
Bring old and newest passports that require a legal validity of more than six months and do not forget your signature on your passport.

Bring your local notarized photo postcode number and all pages must be verified.

Bring birth certificate notarized copy or certified copy.

Provide information, papers about personal property: this is one of the important factors deciding whether or not you have enough money to pay for this trip so these documents are required to be legal. Reason such as: bank savings book, money in a bank account, real estate, vehicles, and other valuable assets ...

Provide more information about your current work: students and students need to provide transcripts, confirmation from the school and provide additional financial information of the person responsible for paying For the trip, for employees of the company, relevant documents such as labor contracts, payroll, travel leave applications, ... are required for business owners. issue more business licenses.

Provide trip purpose: requires a very specific itinerary, travel time, ...

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