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Experience in making visa to Russia in Hai Phong

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Experience in making visa to Russia in Hai Phong will help you understand more about the Russian visa application process

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Are you planning to travel to Russia to visit relatives but do not know how difficult is it to apply for a visa to Russia? If so, please read Visana's most detailed and updated article for guidance on how to apply for a Russian self-sufficient visa.

To apply for a Russian visa, the applicant needs to prepare the following documents:

Passport (intact, not torn, erased, modified and correct, valid for at least 6 months).
Russian visa application form (electronic version with information filled on the machine) and 3.5 × 4.5 cm photo card (white background, no hat, no black glasses, no tilt).
Invitation letter from Russia (original).
Copy of household registration book (Notarized copy).
Certificate of marital status.
In addition, you will also need to provide additional round-trip airfare and hotel booking.
Before 2016, interviews were not required when applying for a visa to Russia. However, the current regulations have changed for applicants wishing to enter Russia on a tourist visa. The interview round plays the role of helping the Embassy confirm the accuracy of the application as well as the honesty of the applicant.

You can score points by:

Preparing a complete, convincing profile, avoiding the request for additional additions many times makes the consulate unfriendly and can affect the assessment of the applicant through the interview.
Dress politely, consistent with the nature of the interview. Avoid wearing loose clothing, wearing a variety of eye-catching accessories, or leaving your hair untidy when meeting embassy staff.
Be on time, preferably at least 15 minutes earlier than the appointment time to handle any arising problems.
Answer the interview neatly, right to the heart of the question, avoid long and off topic. If you don't remember a single detail in your file, you should be honest instead of making up your answer.
Make eye contact, voice clear and confident.

Here are some interviews when applying for a Russian visa that you can practice in advance:

Have you ever been to Russia?
How long do you go to Russia? Specifically, from date to date?
Which company invite you to travel?
In which cities will you visit? Where will you sleep again? Have you paid for the room yet? Do you pay directly to the hotel or through a travel agency?
You should prepare carefully your schedule, make sure all information is truthful and answer with confidence, because your performance in the interview round will greatly contribute to increasing your chances of passing a visa to Russia. .

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