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Consulting cheap Japanese visa in Hai Phong

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Consulting cheap Japanese visa in Hai Phong will help you understand more about the Japanese visa application process.

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The Embassy of Japan in Vietnam has decided to extend the standard visa application processing time to 8 working days at the reception counter of the Consulate Department of the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam. job.

Recently, the relationship between Vietnam and Japan has been getting better and better, the number of international students going to Japan to study Japanese has increased, which is extremely happy for the further development of the relationship between the two countries in the future.

Student visa applicants have been granted residence status based on their desire to learn Japanese and have basic Japanese proficiency, and then have visited the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam or the Consulate General of Japan in Ho. Ho Chi Minh to apply for a visa, to be granted a visa.

However, in order to detect cases of lack of basic Japanese proficiency, or suspicion of applying for a fake visa, we are conducting an interview exam to confirm the applicant's Japanese proficiency. student visa.

Based on interview results, if an applicant for a student visa does not wish to learn Japanese or has no basic Japanese proficiency, or intends to commit illegal acts such as working illegally in Japan. Firstly, they will not be granted a visa. Moreover, we will provide information to relevant agencies in Japan and Vietnam about the companies and agents that have intentionally gathered those visa applicants.

About visa refusal
In case of visa refusal, you will not be able to apply for a visa for the same purpose within 6 months from the date of refusal.

The Japanese Embassy in Vietnam did not provide the reason for the rejection.

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