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Experience in applying for a visa to Canada in Hai Phong

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Experience in applying for a visa to Canada in Hai Phong will help you understand more about the Canadian visa application process.

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In addition to the Canadian tourist visa applications required by the Consulate such as personal documents: passport, proof of financial and income sources: savings books, employment confirmation ... are required but Not yet guaranteed for you to get a Canadian Visa. To increase the highest visa issuance rate, you need to pay attention to a few things from the article Experiences to apply for a visa to Canada in Hai Phong below will advise the experience of applying for a Canadian visa.

Prepare your personal documents and clear trip
First, you need to prepare all documents related to relatives such as: passport (valid for at least 6 months), including old passport if any, ID card, household registration book, marriage certificate. , birth certificates of the children ... to show that you have a very clear personal and family background in Vietnam.
You need to prepare documents to prove your trip as reasonable, as clear and specific as possible. This is a way to help the Visa reviewer confirm that you did not come to Canada with malicious intent. You need to prepare a specific itinerary when traveling in Canada, confirm round-trip flight booking and hotel reservations. This is an experienced tip to apply for a self-sufficient Canada tourist visa to help many people have a higher chance of passing a visa.

Documentation related to proof of finances and work is very important!
Fully prepare papers related to financial proof and prove your profession. Many people were shocked because they had a very good job, high income, respected by everyone, but because they were subjectively rejected by the consulate for very disrespectful reasons: suspected of going to Canada to work illegally. France!

You need to prepare EXCELLENTLY, how to prove to the consulate that you are a person with "skilled" - high professional skills. For example, if you are a skilled worker, a talented business owner, a doctor or an engineer ... the possibility of getting a visa is very high. Just submitting the labor contract, confirming the income ... is not enough to help you stand out, it is easy to be missed by the consulate among hundreds of similar documents. Sometimes just adding a degree, employee ID, or a picture of you will make a huge difference.

Do not leave a blank passport
As one of the countries where people are free to travel, Canada is quite difficult in the initial visa review. If you have never traveled abroad before, leaving your passport blank white, this is probably a huge minus point. Your visa application can miss up to 90%. The plus point of your Visa is that you have been to developed countries such as the US, Australia, Europe, Japan, Korea ...

However, if you come to Canada to visit relatives or work, you do not have to worry about this. We have helped a lot of people with visas with white passports and difficult to prove financially such as students, housewives, freelance businesses.

After watching through Experience in applying for a visa to Canada in Hai Phong, you still have questions, please contact us.

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