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Experience in applying for a visa to Australia in Hai Phong

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Experience in applying for a visa to Australia in Hai Phong will help you understand more about the Australian visa application process

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When applying for an Australian visa, the preparation of documents is the first thing to pay attention to, but in many cases, customers do not use third-party services like Etrip4u but themselves.
If you apply for a visa, you should pay attention to the following issues after applying for an Australian tourist visa as well as other Australian visas.

- Visa processing time usually takes 2 weeks from the date you apply.

- When applying for an Australian visa, you will have to go to the application reception office to apply, get fingerprints and take pictures (Note: the receiving office is not an Ambassador
Australian shop).

- You need to complete and accurately fill out the information on the Australian visa declaration form, and prohibit erasing information on the declaration.

- When applying for an Australian visa, you need to dress properly and seriously.

- The records must be arranged in the correct order

You should translate Vietnamese documents into English and notarize them fully
Proof of reservation, booking is not required, you can book after being granted a self-sufficient Australian visa.
Expedited visa applications can be considered for faster application, but only for special cases, if you need fast processing, please notify VFS Global before making an appointment. .
The application needs to be done 1 month before the intended date to travel to Australia.
Self-sufficient Australia visa is valid for 1 year, and you can stay in Australia from the date of entry is 90 days.
You need to answer the interview honestly, not to falsify or mislead information.
The fee for a self-sufficient Australian tourist visa is paid in Vietnamese currency or by credit card.

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